Brandon Seerup Education Portfolio


I feel that through the education I have attained in COMM 1010 I have expanded skills in how to adapt to certain communication styles.  This has aided me to appreciate the important aspects of communicating as a speaker as well as the listener.

The course lead through many different ways where communication fails.  I found this to be especially intriguing as I had and have a lot of room for improvement.  The class was then lead through the text and lecture of how much everyday life has to do with communication.  How much ones life can improve by improving communication; such as just being able to realize that what you may hear, regardless of the situation, does not necessarily correlate with what the person who was speaking meant to get across.  This "noise", if ignored, can cause arguments and even further damage to relations. 

One great result of this class is that I have been able to better my work life with the confidence of communication and how to communicate with co-workers and management. I feel that this will continue getting better, in every part of my life, the more I persist on working on my communication.

                 I have provided a document below to shows a few communication issues that I feel I have and what my plans are for rectifying these issues.  I worked hard on keeping an eye on the metaphorical ball, which was keeping the paper focused purely on relaying what I think are the issues and what might work best to resolve them.   

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