Brandon Seerup Education Portfolio

I feel that through the education I have attained in English 1010 I have expanded skills in how to adapt to certain writing styles.  This has aided me to appreciate the important aspects of writing as the writer as well as the reader.

Through the peer review process, I have been able to properly address my viewpoint as a reader to help the author of the essay resolve with a complete understanding of the requirements.  I also have profited from this peer review by attaining insight and getting constructive criticism of my essays. 

I have been able provide attribution to my sources and gained an understanding of how to apply ethos pathos and logos to writing in order to offer a great deal more depth and sturdiness to my work.

I have provided a document below to show a bit of the result from my education gained in English 1010. I created an IEP with the focus being Abortion.  I worked hard on keeping an eye on the metaphorical ball, which was keeping the paper focused purely on relaying research.   I then considered what was mentioned in class, “read over the paper out loud”.  When I read over my rough drafts, and was able to listen to my fiancé read them aloud, I found that there was much to be revised.    The following is a result of determination and willingness to pursue greater knowledge through my English 1010 course. 

IEP Final Draft.docx IEP Final Draft.docx
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