Brandon Seerup Education Portfolio

Taking English 2010 from Nikki Mantyla was amazing.  The course was streamlined in the way of approach to learning separate English concepts.   Throughout the class there was a seamless push from one concept to the next by integrating them in one idea. . . A website.  Through using one broad idea and integrating all of the parts of intended instruction into it I was able to have fun while still learning a lot of stuff: grammar, rhetoric, visual appeal, style, purpose, research, resource citing, proofreading, and argumentation strategies.

Learning how to research properly is something I’ve understood how to do before approaching this class instruction.  Yet I did not know how well research can be incorporated into the information intended for relay to my audience.  There’s more than just citing information and relaying what someone else said. 

The approach to making a website was innovative to say the least.  I now know that I can input several different types of writing styles within the same platform without losing flow and credibility.  In fact it seems a lot simpler to relay whatever I would like to relay without worrying that it will not work how I want it to. I’ve learned how to make it work well and look great with different styles of visuals and design, no matter what the situation is.

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