Brandon Seerup - Human Sexuality

 Final Project for Human Sexuality


Final Project


Brandon Seerup

                For this project I decided to Promoting Woman's or Men's Health. Personal experience with HPV made me look further into the virus. This virus has little that is not divulged if looked for. But there is not much out there about promoting awareness and ability to control your own risk.

                 My personal experience had to do with my fiance' had carried the strand that causes Cervical Cancer. We found a random brochure for this new vaccine that can prevent this result. At this point I took this to my family, where I believed it would be good for their children. They have two teenagers, 16 and 17 years old. The reception was not welcome. A strong belief of these types of vaccines/contraceptives seem to be viewed as a condoning of immoral behavior. My wish is to show that it doesn't matter who you are, what morals you have, what intentions you hold. You cannot prevent the risk from the person you decide to have sex with at that right time is carrying a virus or anything else.

                I want to produce an understanding of not condoning but love and protection for future. In my brochure I placed, right on the front, that there is a vaccine for HPV and where to get the information. Near that same location I showed a picture of three girls ranging from approximately 12 to 15 years old who had just gotten this vaccine. This is in effort to show that it is not for the immoral but the responsible and knowledgeable.


 Assignment #2

Gender Roles


Gender Roles

           As I look at my own gender roles, and how I have come to attain these roles, I found that many roles have been a result of my upbringing. In this paper I will explain how differences in upbringing can, and do, have a major affect on one's perception of gender roles.

           My Brother grew up in a family where the father had the last say, made sure there was money to pay for the needs of the family, and was always the one to do the punishing. The mother was there for house chores, making sure meals were provided, and was there to nurture when needed. My father was not an emotional man. “I'll give you something to cry about” was one of his '10 most commonly used' phrases. Now looking at the upbringing of my brother today I can see many of these traits, or Gender Roles, being passed down to him. He will not be with a woman that speaks her mind. Nor will he be with a woman that makes more money than him as he needs to be the bread winner of the house. He has no nurturing ability when it comes to the pain of others.

            I grew up with my mother. There was no male in the picture, for the most part. My mother was a full time student and had a full time job but was still there and provided for me emotionally. I never had the male role to guide me into being what I'm supposed to be when I'm grown up, other than the “Every other weekend” trip to my fathers home. I suppose I gathered many of the gender role traits I have today from, as sad as it is to say, TV. This brought a whole new era of learning and, ultimately, opened my mind to any role I wanted to be. Looking at my life now, and the paths I've chosen on the way, I find that I am a very androgynous when it comes to gender roles. I have the stern “It's my way or the highway” role when necessary and the “I'm here for you” role when I can see someone is in pain. I find that I have also chosen a woman that, in some ways, mirrors my mother. My fiance is extremely strong and caring. She doesn't shy from punishing me, and she can't cook worth a damn.

            In conclusion, during the upbringing of a child there are a vast array of things that will shape one's opinion of gender roles. From a strong female presence to TV broadcasts. As I have shown here, a child will bear many of the same gender role traits as were shown in their upbringing. My upbringing has had a great affect on many things in my life, from who I chose as my mate, to how I react to others around me. Looking at my role I see that I do not follow any flow or peer perception of gender roles. I cook and clean, I'm catty, I am emotional, and I like to watch chick flicks. Societies acceptance and bending of gender roles allows males or females to set their own gender roles and rules. I have chosen to live with many “Female” traits. And that's just fine.


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